How to Publish An Access Database To SharePoint – MS Access On The Web

How to Publish An Access Database To SharePoint – MS Access On The Web

With the release of Access 2010 and better still, version 2013, publishing your Microsoft Access database on the web couldn’t be easier.

Check out this short three and half minute video tutorial showing how you link and synchronise between SharePoint (online Access Services) and your ACCDB database file within Microsoft Access

How to Publish An Access Database To SharePoint – MS Access On The Web

Just a few points to be aware of when considering migrating your database live on the web for others to share.

Of course, you need to sign up for SharePoint under one of the monthly plans or the equivalent Access services from another authorised hosting site. Either way, you need to sign in when connecting to publish your database.

You can create a new web database from scratch which may be easier as only valid objects will be built for web integration. There are templates available that will generate various views (known as tables) with automatic relationships built ready to go. You can then maintain your objects in Access and it will automatically publish (click of a button) to the live site via your saved credentials.

If you are migrating an existing database, then be careful as not all objects will upload. There is a compatibility checker tool for your assistance to help but just make sure all VBA code (if being used) have been removed or replaced with macros and then again not all macros are compatible. 

how to publish an access database to sharepoint

In MS Access, you will see a SharePoint icon (under the Database Tools Tab) to start the connection process that may take a few minutes to move all your objects over to the web.

Any issues will be reported in the final screen for you to briefly investigate (it’s not that detailed) but the successful objects moved and where they were related using primary keys will also be transferred too.

To learn more about SharePoint with Microsoft Access, start by looking at the article called Build and publish an Access database to SharePoint (from Microsoft). 

A very happy new year to you :)

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