Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime Now Available

Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime Now Available

Over the years (generations from version 95), developers were able to distribute their own custom built Access database applications to users who did not have an Access licence by using the freely available run-time version and now this also includes Microsoft Access 2013.

You can now go and download the Access 2013 Runtime direct from  Microsoft or if you prefer, can also find it here with other Access database free stuff too.

microsoft access 2013 runtime

Just in case English is not your native tongue, it’s now available in 38 languages. You can find more information plus any user comments from Microsoft’s Access blog website.

Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime Now Available

Remember, you do not require this run-time if you are creating a web solution as it uses either SharePoint or other Access Services which are controlled by the web hosting servers engine.

There maybe other added complications to take into consideration and developers will need to be possibly aware of:

  1. If you are still using the older MDB file format with older ActiveX (OCX) controls.
  2. You are going to use a 64-bit run-time engine to a 32-bit application (again for older versions).
  3. Making sure you are using the latest (where possible) references for your VBA code.

The Access Blog website may address some of the issues especially in the comments area where users will have reported such challenges – worth a read!

The Windows Operating system must be no older than Windows 7 and can also be used for Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012.

Since I use the full blown version of Microsoft Access 2013, I don’t need the run-time installed but in order to fully test the independence of the run-time engine, I tend to use a virtual image software instance (namely VMWare) so that any database being used will only utilise the run-time and default to the normal installation.

On another note: Keep an eye out for my new utility being released this month which is the newer and extended version to my existing user login form security utility including a workgroup access rights feature. 

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