Microsoft Access Database Articles: Check Out My EzineArticles

Microsoft Access Database Articles: Check Out My EzineArticles

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While I’m away, checkout my Microsoft Access Databases EzineArticles or click that big ‘Diamond Expert Author’ logo to the right of my home page.

microsoft access databases articles

Microsoft Access Database Articles: Check Out My EzineArticles

Here are some of the direct links to popular articles:

Microsoft Access Database Design Tips – Want To Know 7 Quick Tips To Designing Your Access Database?

I’m often asked How do you design a good Access database? My simple answer is I Reverse engineer it when planning and designing an Access database! Reverse engineer it – What’s that? It’s not rocket science and it’s nothing to do with engineering either – read on…

Microsoft Access Database Queries Working For You – Want 5 Useful Tips To Extract Data From Queries?

One of the biggest challenges with any Access database once it has been designed and built is how do you get useful information out of it, avoiding the need to run around collating the information yourself? Access Queries is the answer and the skill is to learn to create and control this object well and it will do all the running around for you.

How to Utilise and Apply Access Database Normalisation Techniques

Access Database Normalisation levels 1, 2, 3; getting normal about it! The process of Database Normalisation was developed by E.F. Codd who is widely considered the father of relational database theory. There are several rules which provide theoretical structures and disciplines which are not always practical to follow but help provide the main goals which are..

Microsoft Access Database: The 5 Most Common Tasks in Understanding an Access Database

The 5 most common tasks one can perform when you are given an Access database that you will be responsible for building and maintaining reports is quite often overlooked and will save a lot of time and guess work in understanding that all ‘inherited’ Access database system. Read on to find out what my 5 key steps are!

Microsoft Access Database: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Splitting A Microsoft Access Database

If you have spent time considering, planning, designing and building an Access database then you’ll know the challenges developers face when deploying the finished database application. In the development and design mode, your Access database runs perfectly! You are proud of the time, sweat and effort getting each object to work well, look good and meet the business workflows the database application was intended for.

Microsoft Access Database – 6 Important Points When Importing Data Into An Access Database

Sharing data between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel is common practice whether you copy and paste the data or import or link to data tables. However, using the copy and paste data method can have problems not too mention the volume of information collected which can exceed the Windows clipboard that temporarily holds this information.

Microsoft Access Database: How To Deal And Dispense The Myth That Access Can Not Handle Multi-Users

Many high-end database experts will frown upon Microsoft Access as a robust and scalable database application when dealing with multiple users and will always lean towards a stronger alternative. I say ‘STOP’ and don’t dismiss this so quickly. There are ways to handle and deal with the potential issues when sharing any Microsoft Access database system.

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