How to Use Smart Tags In Microsoft Access 2010

How to Use Smart Tags In Microsoft Access 2010

How to use smart tags in Microsoft Access will only be applicable to 3 versions (2003, 2007 and 2010). Forget about the earlier versions and now even with the latest Access 2013, this too has been dropped!

Since most users are still engaged with the main three releases mentioned, I thought it may be worth a re-visit to understand how to apply a smart tags for your fields in a table.

how to use smart tags in ms access 2010

The key decision to consider when a smart tag should be added will be to identify a benefit for a user-friendly list of actions for certain type of information (or value) being stored allowing users to simple choose from a pre-set list of actions.

For example, a contact name field in a table (or form) could be best served to assist with an action to quickly compose and send an email or to call a telephone number or to have the ability to add this value as a contact (in Microsoft Outlook).

How to Use Smart Tags In Microsoft Access 2010

So here are the quick steps:

1. Open the database and locate your table – switch to design view mode.

2. Make sure the cursor (insertion point) is active for the field in the upper half of the window view. I’m going to set the ‘Contact Name‘ field so that users can send an email among other actions.

3. In the lower half for the selected field under the General tab, locate the property called ‘Smart Tags‘.

4. As you click into this property, to the far right you will see the build button with has three dots for its caption.

5. Clicking this build button opens the pop-up ‘Action Tags‘ dialog box. Choose one or more options from the ‘Available Action Tags‘ and click OK when done. 

6. This will generate some script into the property like “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags#PersonName”;”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags#phone”.

7. Save and run your table.

Now when you place the cursor into the ‘Contact Name‘ field, a smart tag will appear to its right which can be selected as shown:

how to use smart tags table view

I found this one minute video on how to use smart tags and set it up via a table (if you couldn’t be bothered to read this post!) but since you’ve probably read through it to get this paragraph – oh well!


Remember, I have several eBooks that have proved to be very popular and serve as a useful guide for Access database developers of all levels.

Have a good week :)

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