Microsoft Access Reports: How To Number Entries In A Report

Microsoft Access Reports: How To Number Entries In A Report

If you need to know how to number records for your Microsoft Access reports and haven’t added a sequential data field namely the AutoNumber (which should be a primary key), then here’s a quick way to add such a feature directly into your reports.

microsoft access reports

Design your report using one of the various methods you know usually backed by an Access query – right? Then switch to the design view.

Microsoft Access Reports: How To Number Entries In A Report – The Steps

1. Add a new Text Box control and place it where you intend to display this sequential value. In my example, I’m using an item number for each product for each order (see image above).

2. There are two property settings to change here:

a) In the Control Source (normally where it’s bound to a field), set the value =1

b) In the Running Sum property change this to Over Group (the default is No)

microsoft access reports properties

3. Save your changes and preview your report.

That’s it! you should be able to see a sequential value across a group. If you haven’t used a group section in your report but instead used a simple tabular list, this will still work. 

You could have another text box control but set as Over All which will sequentially count all records no matter what level of groups you have for your Microsoft Access reports.

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