Microsoft Access Tutorial: Hiding Access Tables As 'USYS' System Tables

Microsoft Access Tutorial: Hiding Access Tables As ‘USYS’ System Tables

Hiding tables (or any object) in your Access database is a simple enough process. You only need to set the objects hidden property (to True) and reveal the ‘Hidden Objects’ setting from the navigation pane options screen.

But in this quick Microsoft Access tutorial here, there is another method of stopping your tables appearing in Navigation pane (or Database window) by renaming the table(s) with the prefix USYS. This will convert your table into a system object, which cannot be viewed in the normal environment.

microsoft access tutorial usys tables

In the Navigation pane’s options screen (Access 2007 & 2010), you have two display options the called ‘Show Hidden Objects’ which reveals any object set via its properties and the other is called ‘Show System Objects’ which will reveal all system tables plus any additional prefixed USYS tables you have added.

Microsoft Access Tutorial: Setting Access Tables As ‘USYS’ System Tables

First of all make sure you have enabled the visible option to show system objects in the Navigation pane.

For earlier versions (pre Access 2007), go to the Tools menu and the choose Options. In this dialog box, click the View tab and under Show, select the System Objects check box – click OK.

Next you can now rename any table (or save any new table) using the prefix USYS first followed by any name required.

In my example, I renamed the ‘Employee_Salaries’ table this way as to me this is quite sensitive and adds an extra layer of hidden protection too.

To rename any object including tables, just right mouse click the desired object in the Navigation  pane and choose Rename – job done.

One final thing to note is where I have used USYS in capitalised letters, this is for my reference only as the prefix is not case sensitive and the system will still detect this as a system table.

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