Access Macros 2010: How To Use Data Table Macro Triggers

Access Macros 2010: How To Use Data Table Macro Triggers

If you are currently using Microsoft Access 2010, you will probably have seen the new data Access Macros 2010 for a table which there are 5 different events to choose from.

Take a look at this video tutorial (which is less than 5 minutes) demonstrating how you can set and apply a data macro to a table and in this case using the ‘Before Change’ event.

Access Macros 2010: How To Use Data Table Macro Triggers

There are therefore three types of macros available to this version making this powerful application even easier to automate and program without the need to know how to write code (using VBA).

access macros 2010A simple GUI (graphical user interface) will guide you through the commands, actions and their parameters with prompts and help references available. 

Using data macros now increases the flexibility that has been lacking with this application from previous versions and brings it closer to the large brother; MS SQL Server database which uses triggers.

I published an eBook earlier this year on Access Macros 2010 and covers all the other versions too with their distinct features and interfaces plus examples to follow. You may want to check out this offer which also has a sample preview of the eBook which is available on this offer page too.

Using Access Macros 2010 really reduces the extra overhead and knowledge to automate your database processing needs and can also be published over the web as a safe coded application.

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