Access 2013 – 4 Ways to Create an Access App

Access 2013 – 4 Ways to Create an Access App

Here’s a quick video tutorial (only two and half minutes) that shows the new pending Access 2013 application and the 4 ways to create and MS Access app (or database)

Four individuals demonstrating the 4 ways to create an Access database with the main feature being the new enhanced and advancement bringing it into 21st century namely a web version.

Access 2013 – 4 Ways to Create an Access App

Even though previous versions of Access use the web services, this version is even more simplified and slicker to use.

access 2013To be honest, I haven’t spent too much time with the new version and it’s not yet released to the public just yet and my clients therefore do not need to know anything about this yet but as we now use more and more web based applications and our smart-phones are becoming more sophisticated, Microsoft have finally recognised the need to be in the game and market share and this is certainly the first steps to a ‘mobile’ device version.

I wrote a quick summary of Access 2013 and their new features a few months ago and it appears it’s pretty going to be this look and feel too – so not too many things have changed since then.

I will be moving to Access 2013 very soon though I still do look after clients who use Access 2000 over the web too!

Anyone else thinking of upgrading? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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