Excel vs Access – The Argument Continues

Excel vs Access – The Argument Continues

Once again this week, a client questioned the argument of Excel vs Access when building a data processing system for their organisation.

There are many pros and cons to using Microsoft Access over an Excel spreadsheet but this particular client was in love with (Excel) Pivot tables and was the main reason and perhaps the only reason why they wanted to use a high-end sophisticated spreadsheet instead.

Take a look at this 5 minute video tutorial of how you can bring data in from Excel to an Access table, then create and use a query as the alternative data source for a Pivot table in Access.

Excel vs Access – The Argument Continues

In this video, it covered some inadvertently do’s and don’ts when importing data into a table. By the way, you can claim a free eBook on how to import data into Microsoft Access which covers the key points.

excel vs accessI like the way the author albeit a little ‘dry‘ in his approach covered a real working scenario of getting data from one application into another and then using Access’s tools to good effect. The added human side was his openness to having to search the internet as to the reason why there were some errors when importing data which to be fair, we all do!

My client is still thinking about the key benefits and I have challenged him to find a feature or function that Microsoft Access cannot perform. I know when talking about Excel vs Access, the latter will always be my first choice as here’s a little secret for you!

Microsoft Access uses VBA code and Excel can be plugged into Access which means its features and functionality can be recreated too.

I would be interested to know your preference – use the reply box below :)

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  1. alastair harris says:

    I use Excel with Jet regularly – my preferred method is DAO. Don’t tend to capure much user data – its mostly extracting from other systems and then storing and query reports; using SQL. But where user data is required I tend to use spreadsheet cells or Excel forms to get it, and SQL to store it in the mdb.

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