How To Import Access Database Objects

How To Import Access Database Objects

In the past, I’ve talked about importing data into Access but someone recently asked about how to import Access database objects since you cannot copy and paste tables, queries, forms or reports.

It’s really very easy to achieve providing you haven’t locked, password protected or hidden objects you intend to import (though there are workarounds for this too).

import access objects









Objects can also be extended to macros and modules though in the case of VBA code, you can also import modules in the Visual basic editor.

How To Import Access Database Objects – The Simple Steps

1. First, have your receiving database file open even if it’s an empty new database shell.

2. In Access 2010, locate the ‘External‘ tab from the ribbon bar and in the section ‘Import & Link‘ choose the Access icon.

3. Browse for your database file you wish to import and decide on which of the two options available to action. The first option will allow you to import Access objects of all types.

import access objects screen4. Click OK and you are then given a window database view of all objects and their types ready to import. Simply select one or more items in each of the tab sections and then click the OK button.

5. The final screen allows you to optionally save this import action for later use and is useful the same or frequently used to import Access objects.

Also note in the main database window view when selection objects, you also had an ‘Options…‘ button which extended to allow users to also import Relationships, Menus, Toolbars, Images and control data definitions into either a table or query.

By the way, I do have a FREE eBook on how to import data into an Access database which shows you the similar steps as discussed in this article.

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