Access Printing & Page Setup Options

Access Printing & Page Setup Options

Unlike other Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word etc.), Access printing can be a challenge or perhaps just a little disorientating!

There are several ways and places that you can choose to set the page setup and print something (an object) from your database application and in this short concise post I want to cover the basics and know your options.

Access Printing & Page Setup Options – The Basics

Here’s a quick tip for you! If you select (not necessarily open) any object say a table or a report, then press CTRL + P from the keyboard (which is the shortcut key to load the Print dialog box), you can send that object to print and applies to all versions.

The print command for any object prints the running (the open view mode) of that selected item with the exception of macros and modules which just prints the code definition or VBA code respectively.

Make sure your page setup is configured correctly for each object you intend to send to print as this can be challenging trying to fit a lot of information correctly across one or more pages.

Learn to use the preview mode too which confirms your page setup and output type you wish to print. The easiest way is to first select the item in the Navigation pane view 9or Database Window for earlier versions) and locate the Print Preview command which for Access 2007 and 2010 can be found in the ‘back-stage’ area of this application.access printingAccess printing is intuitive but often users get caught out where there are focused at the time of calling this command. The only views where the print preview command will not be available is when you are in design view mode for a table or a query. The other objects design mode will run this command but as the run-time (or open mode) instead.

Sometimes, I need to print the design view for a table or query and I use the print-screen (snapshot window action) by pressing the ‘Prt Scrn‘ (or similar) key from the keyboard which takes a screen copy as an image.

Anyone experienced printing challenges? What sometimes can annoy you about Microsoft Access? Use the comments box below…

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  2. Ben Beitler says:

    With various older versions of Microsoft Access, it has been known that some of the page setups do not get remembered and users were having to reset them namely the margins and other page attributes. This was a well reported bug and various fixes were releases over time. You must ensure you have the latest SP (service packs) installed or consider using VBA code to trap them there instead.

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