How To Backup Access Database Files

How To Backup Access Database Files – The Conventional Way

With most versions of this database application, you have a built-in utility to backup a database (mdb or accdb) file and just in case you were not aware of how to backup Access database files here’s a 30 second video I found showing you how:

This of course takes all your objects, settings and other attributes of the database file and makes a straight forward backup copy of the file which is the same as going to the Windows Explorer and making a file copy there instead – nothing special then!

You may want to review Access 2007 backup demonstration instead which was another post back from June last year.

How To Backup Access Database Files – Alternative Ways

But if you want to copy access database objects of just the tables or queries or some of the ‘front-end’ objects like forms, reports and macros then you may need to take a different approach.

1. You could use and create a Make-Table query being of the four ‘action queries’ to copy data tables from one location to another and even across different database files. This can also be wrapped into a simple macro too.

2. You may want to combine several ‘action queries’ which appends data, then deletes the original data source which is another way of archiving your data too and again wrapped into a macro as one routine.

3. If you know how to export any Access object via the Navigation pane or database window then this too can be wrapped into a macro and run at certain critical intervals.

4. The above macro procedures of course can at any time be converted to VBA code which is the more powerful option and provides richer processes to accomplish very specific tasks indeed. You will need to know a little about how to programme with Access VBA and their to backup access databaseAnother recent request in response to a caller wanting to know of a way of how to backup Access database file using a more in depth VBA approach (and this is for the more advanced Access developer) was supplied using a custom VBA function which also zipped (via WinZip) the current database file too.

If you want to know how and wish me to supply the VBA code for you, then drop me a line via my contact page.

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2 Responses to How To Backup Access Database Files

  1. Ben says:

    Try this link it may give you some pointers. Remember, you can pick and choose objkects to export into another Access DB which may be required to intervene if running within an open Access DB.

    Just search the web for your requirement – may reveal more :)

  2. Coy Ralley says:

    Could you send me the code on how to backup Access database file using a more in depth VBA approach and zipping the file using winzip.

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