Modifying MS Access Page Setup

Modifying MS Access Page Setup – Quick Video Demonstration

Take a look at this quick (87 seconds) video on how to modify the layout of a table using the Access page setup before you print. This can be applied to other objects in the database too including queries, forms and reports.

Modifying MS Access Page Setup – Applies To The Main Objects

In some cases you may want to print just the table and since this object wasn’t designed to pretty or functional when printing, there is a strong case to edit the page layout before printing. This also applies for a query since it has the same configuration; look and feel as  an Access database table.

You may want to take a closer look at the Access page setup options and will vary based on which object you are investigating. The best to locate these options will be load the object in normal view (or layout view) and from the Office button (2007) or the File tab to the backstage (2010) choose the ‘Print’ command and then ‘Print Preview’. You will see a Ribbon bar for all your page setup choices.

access page setupTo learn more about printing, designing and other aspects to Microsoft Access, take a look at my eBook offers which covers the main objects.

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