Access Navigation Pane: How To Use And Customise Microsoft Access Navigation Pane View

Access Navigation Pane: How Customise Microsoft Access Navigation Pane View

access navigation paneWith the introduction of Access 2007 (and 2010), users will have noted not only the Fluent Ribbon Bar but the new Access Navigation Pane replacing the older database window.

This utility has some nice and simple features to further enhance how you manage your Access objects and in particular, filter and search objects when sharing an Access database.

From the standard object type including tables, queries, forms and reports, users can add as many groups and collect related objects in one view which makes it a very handy tool for collaborating workgroups and roles.

Objects are not copied (duplicated) when being assigned to a group but instead have a shortcut link pointing to the natural storage of the object type.


Access Navigation Pane: How To Use And Customise Microsoft Access Navigation Pane View

The following features are as follows:

  1. Easily show and hide the Access navigation pane view
  2. Select a type of category including the custom built categories
  3. Sorting items and groups
  4. Searching for objects
  5. Create and modify custom groups
  6. Copy and paste Access objects
  7. Hide and unhide objects

For example, you may want to add a new group and assign existing objects (as shortcuts) to the new group.

access navigation paneCreate a new group by going to any object in the Access navigation pane and right mouse click to display the following pop-up menu

Click the New Group… option and a new group appears in the Navigation pane ready to be named.



access navigation paneWhichever object you may have selected, it will add a shortcut link to the new group. If you want to add or remove objects, then right mouse click and choose the required action.



You can also manage and create groups via the Access Navigation Pane options by simply right mouse clicking the top banner area and choose Navigation Options…

access navigation paneSorting is also easy! Just right mouse click on the banner of the group to sort and choose the required action.

access navigation paneTake the time to browse and investigate this utility as many users seem to notice realise the potential when managing your Access objects.

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  1. Ben Beitler says:

    Here’s a quick keyboard shortcut (key) to hide and unhide the Access Navigation Pane view. Press the F11 function key!

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