Microsoft Access Database: Customize Access 2010 Ribbon Bar – Part 1

Microsoft Access Database: Customize Access 2010 Ribbon Bar – Part 1

This is the first part on how to customize Access 2010 ribbon bars which is now built into Microsoft Access (via Options). It’s a quick 1 minute video tutorial covering the simple basics.

Microsoft Access Database: Customize Access 2010 Ribbon Bar – Part 1

This utility still generates an XML file which can be opened (once you export the changes) and then edited directly and save the need to download a dedicated editor tool as the case with the previous version (2007).

access 2010 ribbonCustomizing the Access 2010 ribbon bar has other benefits too as it can be bound to a single form or report that will be my own part 2 video coming soon.

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One Response to Microsoft Access Database: Customize Access 2010 Ribbon Bar – Part 1

  1. Ben Beitler says:

    In Access 2010, you can bind your customized Access 2010 ribbon bar in the options to a specific database file too by using the ‘Ribbon Name’ drop-down control under the ‘Current Database’ section.

    This makes your customized ribbon bar globally available to all objects.
    A special set of steps will need to be implemented if you want to bind a ribbon bar to a form or report – See part 2 soon!

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