7 Reasons Why You Would Use Access Database VBA In Your Application – Part 1 of 2

7 Reasons Why You Would Use Access Database VBA In Your Application – Part 1 of 2

Some of my subscribers send me emails regarding learning about Access database VBA and when they should use it. So I’ve written the first part (of two) given you 7 reasons why.

access database vba

First thing to note and that is it’s not an exclusive component to Microsoft Access and that is also is available and compatible with other Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.

Access VBA has the power to communicate with other applications beyond the Microsoft Office product range too and can talk to other Window based applications and even across other platforms.

So, learning the principles of VBA will stand you in good stead for any other applications should you wish to program and code with them for the future. The only difference between other applications will simply be learning to load and work with different libraries and calling classes.

Here’s the first 4 (of 7) reasons on why you would use Microsoft Access VBA programming in your database and are as follows:

  1. Managing smaller and re-usable procedures (globally) keeps the code easy to edit and maintain emulating business workflows which reduce waste and the need to fix Access objects making them inflexible.
  2. It allows you to create your own user defined functions which return values as if they were pre-built within Microsoft Access. Therefore, you have full control to provide custom built functions to your users and clients.
  3. By holding what is known as ‘variables’ in memory (locally and globally) will speed up your routines and better control values passing between different processes seamlessly.
  4. The overhead in easily attaching code to an event i.e. a button on a form or automatically trigger itself via an event is so small that by the time you have learnt how to do this, it will reduce the fixed Access objects that you first thought was the best approach.

7 Reasons Why You Would Use Access Database VBA In Your Application – Part 1 of 2

My next post will conclude with the remaining 3 reasons why you should you Access database VBA in your application. Keep a look out for this!

I invite you to keep up to date with my articles and eBooks which cover a lot of details and you can find out the basics of Microsoft Access Database VBA Programming here.

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