Microsoft Access Database: Looking For Microsoft Access Application Programmer?

Microsoft Access Database: Looking For Microsoft Access Application Programmer?

If your custom built Microsoft Access database application is not providing the service or richness you are after then an Access  application programmer (using Access VBA) maybe the route you nee to take adding value to your business.

access application programmerThere are plenty of Access VBA programmers around but how do you go about pre-qualifying the skills of such an Access application programmer?

The keyword for me is ‘experience‘ and not having just a shiny certificate from Microsoft!

Access VBA programmers not only need to provide just a knowledge of Visual Basic (for Application) as the language but they also need to demonstrate their worth with scoping, designing through to testing and deploying and become an all-rounder in project management too.

Some may feel this requires a team of specialised individuals and in some cases this is true for the larger database applications. But let’s be honest now, Microsoft Access databases are not used as the main or large scaled database system and serves as a supporting reporting tool or as the smaller brother sitting on the desktop of your pc.

Microsoft Access Database: Looking For Microsoft Access Application Programmer?

Make sure you engage the services of an Access application programmer who has this as their main skill set but also has a grasp for the real-world processes too understanding the business needs first and foremost which means they will also need to know all of the following tasks:

  1. Scope - an outline of the database requirements and the client’s vision.
  2. Specification - a further detailed analysis of the previous steps identifying functionality withing Microsoft Access as the tool to meet the business requirement.
  3. Design - A more detailed report itemising all functions ands features and working practices to meet what is generally known as ‘work flows’. This is the blue print for the next step!
  4. Build - start to get your hands dirty and build the components for the database starting with the shell and fillin functionality.
  5. Test - At various stages, test and validate your build maintaining quality control and time scales.
  6. Use - release the first (alpha) version, resolve bugs and re-release a beta version through to a live version.

The above steps are very broad (and doesn’t do it justice in this blog I’m affraid) and is far from the finished work flows but an Access application programmer, you need these additional skills to project manage and programme your Microsot Access database system.

Microsoft Access Database: How I can Help You

As a programmer, this is something I do very often as part of my consultancy work which is very reasonably priced indeed. Take a look at other links on this website; Consultancy and training services and see some of my application example interfaces which use Access VBA.

If I can help you in anyway, then please get in contact by clicking here for a free initial consultation by email.

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  1. ben beitler says:

    I have been programming with VBA since it started in the early 1990′s using Access and Excel as the main hosting applications. I also preach what I practice and deliver training courses all over the UK – experience counts for everything!

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