Microsoft Access Database: Protecting your VBA Code in Microsoft Access

VBA (or Visual Basic for Applications) is the main programming language used in Microsoft Access and it provides a rich set of functionality enhancing and adding the ‘bells & whistles‘ to your database application.

You will need to start protecting the VBA code (which is stored in a module) and the following quick video tutorial shows you how…

Protecting your VBA Code in Microsoft Access Database

As the author says, it adds an extra layer of protection and anyone with half a brain will be able to view and change code once they managed to gain access to the module – imagine if they had only a quarter or a brain!

Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – My Tip

When setting a password, ensure it’s not an obvious word (a pet name, favourite football team) that could be easily be guessed. Try and mix characters with digits to make a little tougher to guess and break open and remember passwords are case senstive here in your Microsoft Access database VBA module.

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One Response to Microsoft Access Database: Protecting your VBA Code in Microsoft Access

  1. Ben Beitler says:

    VBA code in Microsoft Access goes as far back as pre 1995 (32 bit) and you can lock code for all versions that are in existence today. I don’t know of anyone who still uses Microsoft Access 97!

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