Microsoft Access Database: How To Hide a Table in Microsoft Access

This quick and simple video tutorial clearly shows you how to hide a table in Microsoft Access and add just a little more protection or privacy to certain key and sensitive data files and is typically aimed at a table in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Database – My Comments

This tutorial demonstrated was using Microsoft Access version XP/2003 and this feature also applies to the later versions. All you need to do is right mouse click the ‘Navigation Pane’ and choose ‘Options’ where you can then hide and show objects too.

All objects which include queries, forms and reports can be controlled this way and is the first basic step and layer towards protecing your Microsoft Access Database application.

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  1. Ben Beitler says:

    When hiding queries, you may want to protect and hide the Action Queries which there are four in total as they will actually change data values and records and deemed dangerous.

    To learn more about these types of queries and many more, take a look at my special offer eBook on More Access Queries.

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