Microsoft Access Database: A Powerful Database Program for Novice End Users!

I found the following article about Microsoft Access Databases which is aimed at those who are considering using a powerful database management tool and have no knowledge or have no idea which application to choose.

This article will ease the new ‘prospect user’ towards using Microsoft Access as being the friendlier application when comparing with other and somewhat larger systems.

Microsoft Access Database - Forms Design and Runtime Views

Microsoft Access Database: Here’s the article…

Databases are an essential part of the business world, but many database programs are difficult to use and even harder to learn.

Databases are an essential part of the business world, but many database programs are difficult to use and even harder to learn. Microsoft Access is an exception to this rule as this powerful database program is easy enough for novice end users. Today, Microsoft Access development is gaining much importance and popularity as it dramatically decreases the amount of time required to exchange and leverage information between Microsoft Office applications.

Access is a database software program that makes manipulating data manageable for users of many skill levels. You can input data, sort, filter or group information according to your needs. It’s particularly useful when there are thousands of records and sorting through them individually would take hours. Access allows you to obtain the information quicker by providing a few commands to tell the program what is being sought. Reports can be created, too, that pull information out of the database according to the project parameters.

An attractive, user-friendly website is important for all types of businesses. Whether your site acts as an online brochure to describe an offline service or is your main platform for selling your own or affiliate products, it is the often the first contact a visitor will have with you or your company. Thus, organizations are now increasingly moving their databases on to the web with several web applications. These days, web applications are getting more and more popular because without distributing and installing the software itself, vast amount of clients can access its services via internet. Database driven web applications have definitely been a help in procuring new means to manage large amount of business information.

Publishing your database to the web allows other users to view the information. Today, databases have changed the whole fact of web as web application and services that are able to deal with chunks of data. Today, you no longer need to set up a database in Microsoft Access or some other software that you personally own and then, figure out how to publish it on the web in a useful way. You can now take advantage of powerful online database applications that will let you share data in many ways

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Microsoft Access Database – My Comments

The last paragraph in the above article may suggest that Microsoft Access is not the tool for the web and that it’s now normal practice to have a web based database application for the modern business.

Well, Access databases are now web based too and can be linked over the internet or intranet and designed well enough as not to impede on the performance. Microsoft Access 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint (or web hosting equivalent) is the ideal combination to handle first the web based processing and end-user development (to overcome that steep learning curve).

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  1. Ben Beitler says:

    For those who do not know what Microsoft Access is; think of it as being Microsoft Excel on steroids!

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