Microsoft Access Database: Creating an Audit Trail in Microsoft Access

Some Microsoft Access database systems require an audit trail feature built to track the movement of sensitive records that administrators need to monitor and control data processing tasks.

I found this article from a popular database solution resource which is for the more advanced Access database developer but it’s the only way I know of how you create such a feature and it does require some VBA code too.

Microsoft Access Database – Article on How to Create an Audit Trail

Click here to view the article

If you wish to know more about VBA code and programming in Microsoft Access, then contact me for further help.

I would like to know if you have had any experience with this sort of feature and have perhaps found another to achive this – please post your comments!

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2 Responses to Microsoft Access Database: Creating an Audit Trail in Microsoft Access

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  2. Ben Beitler says:

    Another tip for you! Add a date and time stamp field and modify the VBA code by adding the NOW function which captures the current date and time. Make sure a field is created in the table and you have modified the SQL statement in the code too.
    Want to know how? contact me.

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