Microsoft Access Database: Use the Attachment Data Type in Access 2007

New to Microsoft Access 2007 & 2010 is a data type known as ‘Attachment‘ which allows users to add multiple files to a record and is better than using the earlier data type option of ‘OLE Object’ which was limited to just the one file pointer.

Take a look at this video tutorial which is using Microsoft Access 2007

Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – My points

Try and keep the file size as small as possible to help with the database file size as it will start to slow down your Access database application due to the lack of indexing.

It’s a very neat new data type but the more advanced developer tends to use VBA code and other related tables to handle external files taking control of indexing and thus performance.

Please feel free to add comments and tell me how you use this new data type within your Microsoft Access database system.

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One Response to Microsoft Access Database: Use the Attachment Data Type in Access 2007

  1. Ben Beitler says:

    One additional new data type has been added to Microsoft Access 2010 and that is the ‘Calculated’ field which means for the first time, you can actually calculate in a table.

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