Microsoft Access Database: Backup a Database in Access 2007

Backing up your Microsoft Access database is an essential task that is very easy to do. In essence, it’s a simple ‘Save As‘ action but simply renamed as ‘Back up Database‘!

In newer versions (including 2010), it’s even more intuitive to find than the earlier versions (2003/XP).

Take a look at how to carry out this simple task which is surprisingly overlooked and ignored.

Remember, that data in an Access database table is automatically saved to disk when you click or move the cursor between records or close the table

This also accounts for deleting records which auto saves the changes too. Don’t rely on the ‘Undo’ command which is tempting as there are no guarantees you will be able to restore data.

Therefore, backing up your Microsoft Access database (all objects) is essential. If you want to back up just the data (from tables) then consider using some of the Action Queries available wrapped optionally into a Macro if this is a regular task.

Want to know more about Action Queries? See my eBook offer which covers all the popular and advanced queries.

Finally, restoring an Access database is just as simple to do – I’ll leave that for you to discover for yourself!

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2 Responses to Microsoft Access Database: Backup a Database in Access 2007

  1. Amina says:

    Huge follower on this website, a number of your writes have really helped me out. Looking forward to up-dates!

  2. Ben Beitler says:

    If you are going to be more selective of the data to backup, then using Action queries will be the preferred method as you can define criteria, merge data together as well as archive across databases. This is all covered in my eBooks offer.

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