Make Microsoft Access Open Up Excel with VBA – Video Tutorial

This is for the more advanced Access user/developer but hey! new users who have some understanding or experience with VBA in other applications (and I’m really suggesting Excel VBA) then this may be of interest to you too.

This is why this video tutorial talks about Access and Excel with VBA which is a common code requirement and is clearly explained here not leaving anything to the imagination trying to guess what happened next.

Just remember the author demonstrates by running and stepping line by line through the code using the F8 function key which allows you to observe at your own speed what each line of code actually excutes.

If you are serious about VBA, you will need some reference guide and/or book. Maybe a training session? Let me know – Contact Me

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2 Responses to Make Microsoft Access Open Up Excel with VBA – Video Tutorial

  1. Ben says:

    This was a video tutorial and I suspect it may have either been a reduced code example or used elsewhere (different scope).
    Send an email to the author of this video and let me know their reponse.
    Thanks for viewing.

  2. Giorgio says:

    You declared XlApp as Excel.Application but you didn’t use it in the CreateNewExcelBook function

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